The Apex Profile

3% of biz owners make 84% of all private business income. Why? Because we work from our strengths and don’t cover for our weaknesses—weaknesses we don’t even know we have.

What is the Apex Profile?

This isn’t a personality or leadership profile—there are thousands of those. This is the only profile of its type—one that tells you how you work, what kind of business owner are you?

There are 3 basic Apex Profiles

we work from that aren’t tied directly to our personality:

We’ve picked up these work habits through watching everybody from our parents to co-workers to others around us who started businesses. Our picture is incomplete because those who influence us aren’t perfect either. So we pick up what we can and work from a very incomplete picture of what a business owner should really be.

Which Profile is my Primary
and my Secondary?

We’re all a mix of them, with real strengths & glaring weaknesses. Get started with the profile analysis to figure out what applies to you.

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